Thursday, August 7, 2008

Worry Free Dinners in the news!

I have been to a couple of Sloane Miller's Worry Free Dinners and it has been a really wonderful experience to be able to finally eat out without the anxiety and potential danger of allergic reaction looming in every bite. The Wall Street Journal online site yesterday posted a great video featuring Sloane and her group talking about eating out with food allergies.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Last Medic Alert Jewelry Post

Alright this is officially the last post about Medic Alert jewelry for the day. This necklace is from another designer I found on Etsy calledBecomeinspired. They will create a custom Medic Alert piece for you as a pendant (shown) or as a bracelet. You can get it with or without inset stones, and they have a whole bunch of other choices too. I liked the sort of rustic look of this piece, but it still has all the pertinent information, and the Medic Alert insignia on the little charm attached too. Now how the heck am I supposed to choose which piece I am going to get??? I love all of these!

More Etsy Medic Alert Enjoyment

I promise I am going to stop researching these darned bracelets...seriously I am making myself crazy! I like the look of this one though, and the fact that it has that medical snakey thing makes it a little more official looking. What do you think?
Available from Sudlow's Etsy page.

More Medic Alert Goodies

This is a nice simple design for an alternatively styled Medic Alert bracelet. What a bargain at $22 too! Available from Amy Cornwell's Etsy site.

Another Neat Medic Alert Bracelet Idea

Here's another really good idea for all those ladies out there like me that don't want to wear a dumb old plain Medic Alert bracelet. You could buy one of these lovely beaded numbers from and if you were crafty enough you could make a whole bunch of different beaded bands to interchange. What a cool idea! I could conceivably have a different bracelet for every day of the week!

Medic Alert Jewelry Awesomeness

Oh if only I wasn't so in debt...I would wear one of these super cool medic alert bracelet charms from Love the tiger's eye.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Nut Free Goodies!

I am currently chowing down on Enjoy Life nut free trail mix in the Beach Bash flavor, and loving every bite! I am not even sure if I am hungry, and I am definitely not hiking, but it is nut free and I seriously am enjoying myself. How great that there are a few companies out there taking this no nut thing so seriously. I plan on buying a whole bunch of this stuff to support the cause.
Check out their website to find out where to buy it near you: Enjoy Life